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General Information on Use of Vaasan Oy Website

Welcome to the website of Vaasan Oy (hereinafter Vaasan). The user is advised to read these terms and conditions (hereinafter Terms) carefully before using this website (hereinafter Site). Use of the Site is proof that the user accepts the currently valid Terms and undertakes to comply with them. If you do not accept these Terms, you are not entitled to use the Site.

A user may use this Site for informative purposes only. Vaasan grants the user limited right of use for using and accessing the Site and the materials (hereinafter Materials) available here. The user may use and access the Site and Materials for personal and non-commercial purposes only. The granting of this right of use does not imply any transfer of the ownership of the materials and copies thereof.

The right of use granted by Vaasan is subject to the following restrictions. The user is not entitled to modify the Materials in any way or to reproduce, display in public or otherwise publish the Materials, or to use them for commercial purposes. The user is obliged to preserve in all printouts and copies of the Materials all of the copyright and other rights-related notifications contained in said Materials. If the user wishes to transfer the Materials to another person, the person is required to agree to these Terms first. If the person should refuse to agree to these Terms, the Materials may not be transferred. In addition to these Terms, the user is required to comply with any additional conditions and restrictions mentioned on this Site. Vaasan does not grant the user any other rights besides the rights specifically mentioned in these Terms.

Intellectual Property Rights

All of the works and materials on this Site are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties. When using this Site, the user is obliged to comply with applicable copyright provisions and prevent unauthorised copying of the Materials.

All Site-related intellectual property rights (including, without limitation, copyrights, unregistered and registered trademarks and designs, patents, domain names, business secrets, and database rights) belong to Vaasan or its co-operation partners. The goodwill resulting from the use of intellectual property rights in question belongs solely to Vaasan. Vaasan does not grant the users any direct or indirect rights to any intellectual property rights.

Data Submitted by User

Personal information submitted by users to Vaasan through the Site must be accurate and up-to-date. The submission of false information is prohibited and may result in consequences for the provider of the false information. The user is not allowed to submit any confidential information to Vaasan or materials protected by copyright through this Site. The user agrees that data or materials submitted by the user and persons acting on the user’s behalf to Vaasan through this Site will not be treated as confidential or subject to protection by rights. Vaasan is free to use, reproduce, display, and publish such data and materials.

The user undertakes to abstain from submission of any defamatory, threatening, obscene, degrading, or illegal messages or materials to Vaasan. Vaasan reserves the right to remove from the Site any materials produced by users at its sole discretion.

Processing of Personal Data

The user agrees that Vaasan can process the user’s personal data submitted and received through the Site as provided for in personal data-related legislation and for purposes that comply with being a customer of Vaasan and other material relation-based privacy policy.

Commitments by the User

The user undertakes not to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of the Site in any way. The user undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the currently valid Terms and applicable laws and other regulations.

The user undertakes not to use the Site for (a) the transmission of spam or other unauthorised communication, (b) posing as a representative of Vaasan, (c) falsification of headers or treatment of identifiers in a manner aimed at concealing the origin of content transmitted through the Site, (d) any activities interfering with other users’ ability to use the Site, (e) illegal activities, (f) publication or transmission of materials infringing the rights of other persons or entities or of defamatory, illegal, degrading, obscene, or otherwise offensive nature, or materials used for unauthorised advertising of products or services, or (g) collection or saving of other users’ personal data without the express consent of the users concerned. If a user refuses to accept these commitments, the user is not entitled to use the Site. Vaasan reserves the right to pursue all of its legal remedies arising from any infringement of these commitments.

The user exempts Vaasan and the companies included under Vaasan at any given time, as well as all of their staff members, managers and representatives from liability with respect to any claims and actions related to the use of this Site or Materials acquired from here by the user.

Data Security

Vaasan strives to maintain a high level of data security in case of the Site and the related services. The user accepts that the Internet is not completely safe with regard to data security.

The user is not entitled to (a) use any hardware or software capable of interfering with the Site’s operation, (b) carry out activities that cause a relatively excessive burden on the Site architecture (for example, engage in mass mailing utilising the communications platforms offered by the Site), or (c) interfere or manipulate with the Site’s software and functions. Such prohibited activities include uploading Materials to the Site containing viruses, scheduled malware or other components capable of influencing the Site’s software architecture.

The user is responsible for the acquisition of any hardware and software required for use of the Site. The user is responsible for ensuring that the hardware and software used by the user do not cause any interference or other damage to the Site, the Site’s services, Vaasan or other Internet users.

Links to External Websites

Vaasan may include in the Site links to webpages maintained by third parties. Using such links results in the user leaving the Site. Vaasan does not supervise or check the contents of external websites and does not take responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or data security of external websites.

The user is advised to carefully study the terms of use and instructions of linked external websites maintained by third parties before using the websites. Users use linked websites at their own risk. Links do no constitute evidence of any ownership relations, or that Vaasan supports the linked website or approves materials accessible on linked websites, or that Vaasan is entitled to use any trademarks, trade names or copyrighted materials displayed through the links in question, or that the operator of the linked website is entitled to use any trademarks, trade names, domain names, or copyrighted materials belonging to Vaasan.

External Links to this Site

All links to this Site need to be approved by Vaasan in writing, except if the link complies with the following prerequisites: (a) the link contains the web address www.vaasan.fi or www.vaasan.com in plain body text and does not contain the word Vaasan or any Vaasan trademarks in the logo form, and (b) the link refers directly to the home page www.vaasan.com or www.vaasan.fi and not to any sub-page of the Site, and (c) if the link is used, the linked Vaasan Site opens in an independent browser window and not in the frame of the website linked, and (d) the appearance, position and other properties of the link do not create an erroneous impression that the linked entity or its activities and products are related to the activity of Vaasan or sponsored by Vaasan, (e) the link has no detrimental effect on Vaasan’s reputation and trademarks. Vaasan reserves the right to revoke this consent to linking at any time at its own discretion and to ban any links that comply with the conditions provided above but are placed in an environment considered inappropriate by Vaasan.

Limitation of Liability

Vaasan will do its best to ensure continuous and problem-free use of the Site and its services. However, Vaasan is not responsible for uninterrupted, timely or error-free operation of the service. Vaasan has put a lot of effort in ensuring the accuracy of the data on the Site. However, Vaasan is not responsible for the accuracy of the Site contents. Vaasan does not guarantee the completeness of the Materials or the reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other data visible on, or shared through, the Site. Use of, and relying on, such opinions, advice, statements or data takes place at the user’s own risk; the user is advised to contact an expert for best suitable advice considering the circumstances.

All content is provided as is. The Site and the information contained therein are changed from time to time. Vaasan grants no warranties and accepts no liabilities, including warranties and liabilities with respect to commercial usability, suitability for a certain purpose or protection of any rights, or functionality of this Site or its contents.

Vaasan grants no warranties with respect to data security of this Site. All of the information on the site is provided ‘as is’, without warranty of any kind. The user accepts that Vaasan cannot guarantee the security of any data transmitted through the site. Vaasan does not guarantee that this Site, the web servers running this Site, or electronic newsletters sent by Vaasan are free of viruses or other harmful components. The user accepts that Vaasan is not responsible for any Materials or data sent or received by the user or not sent or not received by the user.

Vaasan cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, or indemnity liability-based damages or specialty damages (including loss of business, contract or data or damages caused through business interruption) arising out of the use or inability to use this Site or its contents or of these Terms, regardless of whether the damages were based on contract, infringement of rights, negligence, or other grounds, even if Vaasan was notified beforehand of the possibility of such damages. In addition, Vaasan cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the data available on this Site or for other faults or delays.

Vaasan’s liability is always limited to the maximum liability provided for by mandatory legislation.


Vaasan reserves the right to amend and modify these Terms at its sole discretion. Any changes in the Terms enter into force after notification about them on the Site. Use of the Site after amendment of the Terms demonstrates acceptance of the amendments.

Vaasan is entitled to change the components of this Site, correct any errors and deficiencies in them, make other changes to this Site, Materials, and products, software, services, and prices displayed on the Site, and remove Site components, including Site functions, at any time and without prior notice. Furthermore, Vaasan is entitled to limit the use of certain functions and services or the use of Site components or the entire Site without prior notice and indemnity liability. For a justified reason, Vaasan is entitled to terminate any Site use-related rights of use granted earlier at any time.

Applicable Law and Resolution of Disputes

These Terms are governed by Finnish law, excluding choice of law provisions. The parties primarily undertake to settle any disputes arising from this right of use contract by way of negotiations. If the parties should fail to resolve a dispute amicably, the dispute shall be resolved by the Helsinki District Court in Finland. However, a consumer user may refer the dispute to the general court of first instance or to the consumer disputes board of the user’s domicile.